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I would like to welcome you to the Contanda website.  I have been leading the Contanda team since April 2016 and I am very proud of the many changes we have successfully implemented during the past year. 2017 is off to an exciting start with a Houston based support team, who are rapidly developing into a cohesive unit. During fourth quarter 2016 this team successfully incorporated the Contanda Steel business unit into our portfolio without incident.

We have completed the transition of our corporate offices from New Orleans to Houston and wish those employees who did not relocate to Houston all the best in their new endeavors. This will be another year of growth with a strong emphasis on safety and protecting the environment. Our goal is always zero incidents and we will continue to follow established procedures to prevent incidents while learning and improving daily with the assistance of procedures, automation and knowledge sharing.  

Health, Safety, Security and Environment

During periods of high utilization and increased movements it is critical that Contanda employees remain focused on health, safety, and protecting the environment.  Contanda is an extension of our customers’ value chain and we must perform at 100% satisfaction to meet the expectations of all our customers.   

Base Business

We are in the process of enhancing our base business through various initiatives, for example:

  • Our Engineering Department has implemented an extensive Asset Integrity Management program to enhance reliability across all terminal locations on a forward-looking basis.  
  • Our IT Department recently completed an evaluation of our various systems and is evaluating changes and upgrades to ensure we are operating with the most efficient and current technology.   
  • Our Operations department has successfully implemented 24/7 operations at our Houston 2 location and we plan to implement this same concept at our Houston 1 location later this year.  
  • Our HR team has facilitated several changes including ongoing enhancements to our 401K program, successfully implementing OCOMP for all operations based employees and has been actively recruiting key teammates to join the growing organization.
  • Employee satisfaction is another critical element which we take very seriously. Contanda is focused on providing our employees a safe and fulfilling employment experience through a quality work environment. 


These are exciting times for Contanda as we continue our expansion into the hydrocarbon, petrochemical and steel markets and the anticipated doubling of our capacity over the next five years.  We recently acquired land adjacent to our Houston 2 terminal and are designing a “state of the art” truck rack to improve truck loading efficiencies for our Houston 2 customers.

We are constructing four new storage tanks and have plans to complete rail expansions at our Houston 1 terminal.  A similar rail expansion is anticipated for our Houston 2 terminal.  In addition, we are constructing three new storage tanks at our Baltimore, Maryland terminal reviewing growth potentials in Stockton, California and Grays Harbor, Washington; and continuing to review other developing opportunities.


While our activity and load counts are increasing; all employees are focused on the critical details necessary to keep us incident free.  Looking ahead, Contanda will be focused on the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build our base business and leverage our 70 years of terminal experience.

As we grow into the hydrocarbon and broader petrochemical markets, we must continue to exercise prudent and ethical business practices, while maintaining the confidence of all of our customers and employees. 

I am extremely excited about this journey and truly believe the best of Contanda is yet to come.

G.R. “Jerry” Cardillo

President and CEO